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Sunday, June 19, 2011


If u have limited funds but want to cam and this is not a porn site; Kevin is worth every penny; fun, sexy, friendly, courteous; and with the body of a greek god...he's simply awesome; and i was awestruck when he peeled off this baggie grey t-shirt to reveal the most perfect guns I've ever seen; and pecs to die for.

...yes, did cam with him and joined this great cam site; and wow...after seeing  his perfect biceps and pecs; I knew i had seen him in fitness magazines or something; and i would rank him up there with the best!  and he's so good with new cammers; patient..and fun to talk to too; he loves to golf; check out his amazon wishlist; and even though he's straight; he's very gay-friendly [his girlfriend works on the camwithher side].  Oh, I know this site has some real powerhouses like Tyler Southwick, Michael Fitt, Delro, Ray (Alan Valdez), and many others; but I joined to see KEVIN.  I know he's straight and its not a porn site; but it's great fun and Kevin is sexy, friendly, charming, and flexes like nobody else.

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