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Sunday, June 19, 2011


His name is Kevin J. Cooley, and he's 36 years old from Worcester, Massachusetts. Even though he just recently got into modeling; and like many male models, like Matt Schemeirer {34}, David Gandy {31}, Tyson Beckford {41}.... Kevin is  peaking in his 30's. [almost a big secret in the fitness world muscles don't mature in shape and density until one is at least thirty] 

In July 2009 Kevin was one of the top male models in the "PULSE" Magazine  Swimsuit Issue.  And the top photo shows one of the pics from this awesome photoshoot by csphotographic in boston.

His look is a cross between a sexy mainstream model and a top fitness model.  He is interested in expanding his portfolio, please check out his ModelMayhem site. He is really into fitness and nutrition and takes great care of his body. Message him at ModelMayhem to get in touch with him.

Kevin is an avid golfer, loves red wine, has a terrific girlfriend, and works.  Also, I suspect he acheived this awesome fit body in his 20's and learned how to maintain it; so he doesn't spend 24/7 in the gym though he does work out regularly.

I know since the end of 2010 I've been agonizing over the 2011 FITHOTGUY of the YEAR; and of course I've considered and kept in my TOP TEN LIST; Aaron O'Connell, Jed Hill, Zeb Ringle, Matt Stone, Todd Sanfield and others; but this choice wasn't sudden.  I've been seeing pics of Kevin on the internet since 2008; and just couldn't ignore his muscular sexuality, level of fitness, and personality.

Model Mayhem #1676674

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"HOT GUY" said...

choose Kevin as 2011 FITHOTGUY of the YEAR from my top ten list

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