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Saturday, June 18, 2011



I have wanted to write a blog on this subject for seems in these youth-driven times we live in; most top male fitness/fashion models are over-the-hill at 20 {I know there are a few exceptions}. At least all are struggling past 25; and are gone at 30 like shooting stars that flame out. can imagine my shock and surprise to discover this fitness/fashion model at 33, [near 34; let's say mid-thirties] who hasn't even begun to peak in looks, fitness, muscularity, etc. Not only is he perfect physically in every way; word is unanimous, from all that work with him, that he is a great guy, funny, a real pleasure to work with. I know we always hear this, but somehow this rings true. His tattoos are just right, not too many, located in all the best places, too. 

He's even from the mid-west, St. Louis; an all-american guy.

If you know something negative about Matt, like he smokes, drinks too much, or whatever, don't tell me.

DNA Magazine has flipped over him....their recent Magazine Blog (with Albert Speer on the cover) was totally absorbed with the inside photoshoot of Matt. Matt this, and Matt that...and his pics are all over the site.

All the male fitness/fashion blogs have had similar posts about Matt this last year. Where has Matt been for the last ten years? Do all the other models peak too young? say the least, I will anxiously be watching Matt's progress! Chances are he's proving what we should have already known 30 is the new 20, etc., and the longevity of a male model might just well be into his 40's and 50's. When I see Matt I keep double-checking his birthdate; that's 1977, not 1987.

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