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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Aaron O'Connell was born 2/22/86 in Dayton Ohio. Aaron stands 6'1 1/2", collar 161/2", waist 32", inseam 33" shoe size 12 and Jacket 42". He has Brown Hair and Brown Eyes.

Aaron was raised by his parents in Carmel, Indiana, along with his three sisters. Upon graduating from Cathedral High School he received his B.A. in Health & Fitness from Purdue University where his modeling and acting career began.

Although traveling around the country and being a full time student was a challenge, a degree was always most important before embarking on a modeling & acting career. Since graduation, modeling and acting has become his full time job, and he continually strives to be the best person he can be.

His work includes: GQ, VMan, German Vogue, French Vogue, L'uomo Vogue, Arena Homme, Hanes, Lucky Jeans, Abercrombie&Fitch, Gilly Hicks, Ruehl, Ralph Lauren, Champion, Jockey and many other companies.

The Agencies Aaron is represented by:
New York - Ford
Los Angeles - Nous
Paris - Ford Europe
London - Nevs

The following are excerpts from an interview Aaron did with Fir Irigoyen on Thursday April 14, 2011.

Q. What's the Hardest Sacrifice You Have Done to be a Model of Your Level?
A. The hardest sacrifice woulkd definately be leaving my "comfortable" life in small town Indiana to NYC/LA to pursue new dreams. Although I knew it was right for me, it was hard leaving the friends I grew up with and my family, to go to an unfamiliar world where I knew no one.
Q. Why Did You Become A Model?
A. Being a model isn't something that I really dreamed of becoming. I went to college at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indianan, a few hours away from Chicago. One day I decided to go up to Ford in Chicago and see if modeling was something I could even do. I had a bunch of of other interests so this wasn't a make or break for me. I remember waiting in the lobby with people that had flown in from all over the the United States. I sat there and thought to myself, just about everyone here has a dream of becoming a model. We were all packed in this lobby and everyone had professional pictures to show except me....So before I could walk out and get back to the comfort of a college curriculum and eventually a 9-5 job, an agent walked out to take Polaroid's and interview us. Well...I stayed. I was interviewed. I had Polaroid's taken. I guess it was worth the trip because I was the only one they signed that day.
Q. Tell Me Aaron, What is Beauty to You?
A. Ahh good question. I see beauty in so many different things. Whether it be a gorgeous day, a song that inspires me, a beautiful photograph. I think beauty is something that stops me in my tracks and makes me smile, take a deep breath, and reminds me how great God is and how amazing life can be.
Q. How Can You Describe the Dark Side of the Modeling Industry?
A. Good question. This industry is very cutthroat, competitive and can be misleading at times. It isn't all glitz and glamour. It can take months/years of work until you may find yourself in magazines. However, there is a lot of downtime that models have in between castings and jobs. It is easy to get caught up in the party scene and head down a path that can destroy a career. It just takes focus and discipline to stay on track. So when you have that, no dark side in the industry at all can keep you from your dreams.
Q. What's the Best Thing that Happened To You Because of Your Modeling Career.
A. The best thing would definately be the opportunity to meet great people. One thing I like most about this job is that I get to meet people of all walks of life and it has helped me realize how important good friendships, relationships, a family are in life.
Q. Do You See Yourself As a Successful Actor?
A. Yes, I see myself as a successful actor. If I didn't, I would definately pursue another career path because my whole heart wouldn't be in it.
Q. Do You Have a Favorite Quote?
A. My Dad told me, "Never let circumstance overtake character". I try to live by this everyday.
Q. How DoYou Want To Be Remembered?
A. I want to be remembered as someone who gave life all he had to offer. Someone who inspired others to be the best they possibly can be, enjoy life, never settle for anything less than their best, and to cherish relationships with family and friends, and their loved ones.
Q. Describe Yourself With Three Words

Aaron also has a youtube channel where he has uploaded videos of him playing the keyboard and guitar and he sings too. Aaron's channel name is: born2fly4886

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