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Sunday, June 19, 2011


The newly crowned 2011 MR. FITHOTGUY, Kevin Cooley, has this beautiful girlfriend, AlbaLydia, that I just had to share with you.  She also happens to be a model like Kevin.  She is 26 years old and lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. I wanted to include her too because some of Kevin's best pics are the two of them together.  They are such a beautiful couple and their joint pics are priceless.  

She is a very down to earth and likes to try new things at least once...and she is a fun person work with. If you have any doubts, contact any of the photographer's she's worked with listed below.  Whenever she is booked for a shoot, she will always be there. If for some reason she asks to reschedule it is because she cannot make it for some important reason.

She is willing to travel as long as her expenses are paid for.......Check out her awesome portfolio on ModelMahem.

Photographer's Alba's worked with:

Mikhail Image
Tom Sapp
Angela Michelle Perez (way to many to count lol)
Andrew Foulk
Socal in Motion
Calixto Photography
Nicholas Liu
Paul Hill
Aram O. Photography
Knight Photographic
Jim Williams Photography
Scott Evans Photography
CS Photographic
Richard Caldwell

Models Alba's worked with:

Kevin J Cooley MM#1676674
Daneris MM#683860
Dominic Ciolino MM#535563

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