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Monday, June 6, 2011

THIERRY PEPIN: New Addition to the 2011 TOP TEN "FIT HOT GUYS"

Thierry Pepin, born in 1981, in Montreal, Quebec, is a Canadian model turned actor.  A fan of techno music with an ethnic flavor, he took modern dance classes and was part of an amateur theater group as a young teen.  He was discovered dancing in a rave by a Montreal modeling agency when he was 18. Since then, he has worked in Miami and New York, and has been seen in Cosmopolitan, Men's Journal, and the face of Lauder's 'Paradise Perfum for Men'.  He has been photographed by all the world famous photographers including Bruce Weber.

His first feature film was playing the part of Danny in Danny In The Sky.

but the reason Thierry makes the current list of FIT HOT GUYS is all the various things he has done; as well as being the star of the Ralph Lauren 'ROMANCE' perfume ads; in 2010 he launched a restuarant in NYC serving a Canadian specialty of french fries topped with a cheddar cheese curd sauce called "POUTINE" from his restaurant "T-POUTINE NYC"...then in 2011 he is the star model for Gregg Homme swimwear and underwear as seen below on this 'behind the scenes' Video:

Even better is the Gregg Homme: Outrageous Underwear video and ads called "BUSINESS STRIP" which features Thierry stripping [part 1]; part 2 is called "Room Service" and Thierry, wearing just thong underwear, is tied to the bed:


as always he has this amazing physique that is almost too muscular but not quite; he has beautiful swimmer's legs with perfect calves and thighs; he has a very small waist with nice tight abs; then he has this awesome upper body which is thick and muscular with very wide shoulders and nice biceps as well as firm pecs...almost a perfect V-Taper but not too muscular; just perfect for swimwear and undewrwear........known as a 'gym rat' it's clear he has to hold back from pumping iron too much or he would look too much like a bodybuilder.
Thierry is also the star model for the Gregg Homme Super Sexy Promotional their  latest campaign.  The "Super Sexy Promotional" is their latest collection which mixes both the pleasure and the most secret fantasies: revolutionary materials are used with “wet looks” or “rubber look”, satin metallic prints and organic cottons.


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SEXXY GUY said...

man i must say thierry pepin is so fit look at those great poses awesome!!!

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