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Friday, September 30, 2011


His full name is Christopher Kaleio Ikaika Diprete, 19; and he is born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii; but he has lived in California and Oklahoma as well. He is Italian, French, Russian, German, Hawaiian, Samoan, Puerto Rican, Greek, and Japanese. Overall, he is a very friendly and open person, and loves to meet new people…. its his “Aloha spirit” he acquired from living in Hawaii! 

A little bit about him, he loves to work out at the gym, because he’s a very strong believer in physical fitness, and overall being healthy. He’s played volleyball, baseball, and is a dancer for 24-VII Danceforce Studio in Kaneohe, Hawaii. His goal is to promote himself in the best way possible, being that he hs very little modeling experience. he wants to be on the cover of a well-known fitness magazine of some sort; and i’m sure it will be soon. He’s always open to trying new things, such as styles, clothes, looks, etc.

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