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Friday, September 30, 2011

I can't get enough of JED HILL

JED HILL is 26 years old; and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

He is a full-time fitness model and certified Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach; and a former Penn State football player.

He is mostly interested in shooting fitness pics as he is a 'gym rat' by nature and not interested in "losing muscle for fashion." However,  he has the ability to gain or lose weight in a short period of time for particular shoots or roles that are of interest to him.

Jed is a serious all-natural athlete and loves to promote natural health & fitness. He takes whole food supplements daily and trys to eat as "clean" as possible. Jed believes proper nutrition, training, sleep, and lots of water are key to having a lean and healthy body.

Naturally, Jed is very selective with who he shoot with, if you are interested send him a private message to

He is represented  by Wilhelmina NYC. 

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