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Monday, March 19, 2012


     Jacek Bilczyński is a top Fitness & Lifestyle Coach living in Cracow, Poland. Jacek graced the cover of men's magazine Men's Health [Poland] and as a result of Internet voting Jacek was named by EskMagazynu 2011, a luxury magazine for men and women, as having the best body in Poland. A trade advertising model, men's clothing and underwear model, and fashion runway star at home and abroad resulted from his working hard with persistence and knowledge of nutrition and exercise

     Trained as a nutritionist and personal trainer. Graduate of Physiotherapy Education in Katowice, a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Silesian Medical University, and Participant researcher in the field of physiotherapy and nutrition. Member Avangarde Research Group (a group dealing with research on dietary supplements). His long-term interest in sports lead him to be a forum moderator for SFD - largest in Poland, and author of numerous publications on nutrition, supplementation, exercise methodology, as well as a the writer of popular news and entertainment.

     He also teaches courses on nutrition, training methodology for physical therapists, trainers, coaches and people who care about health, as well as a coach working with athletes.

     His offer sent to anyone who wants to change the style of life healthier and more fit, include such items as: designing diet and nutritional plans, dieting, health education, placed individually in relation to sex, age, physical activity, lifestyle and culinary tastes, and personal training, learning the proper techniques of exercise, advising on the choice of physical activity. Everyone receiving advice, gets the preferred choice of dishes, as well as the promise of help in changing eating habits and maintaining the results achieved. All this leads to a healthy lifestyle with not only the result being sacrifice and labor, but also pleasure!

At his official Jacek Bilczyńskiego profile on FB, you can find daily tips in the field of nutrition, dietary advice, unusual ideas for exercises and something tasty and healthy - recipes for dishes that you eat while on almost every kind of diet, and - most importantly - enjoy their great taste.

Since September 2011, Jacek works with EksMagazynem Magazine - as a nutritionist and fitness trainer, writing articles such as ; and he also contributes to the health and beauty departments.
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barlon said...

Unfortunately there is not much down there... very average size :-)

barlon said...

Unfortunately there is not much down there... very average bulge size :-)

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