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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Josey Greenwell's Inspring Story

Josey Greenwell.

In 2006, Josey Greenwell won the Colgate Country Showdown.  In reality though, this young talent has been headed for a career in music since first finding his voice in his school choir in Kentucky.  Since then his career has expanded in modeling, acting, promtional tours, and he has become an internet sensation; as well as being a gay country music star.

Josey recently told his story to DNA magazine:
"I’ll never forget one boy from Europe wrote to me after reading the article and told me how it helped him escape the pressures of being bullied at school to see someone succeeding who is just like him. It opened his eyes. It touched me that, for a moment, I potentially helped someone with their life. Not something little like math homework, but their life.  Things like that are why I wanted to share my story and if something like a simple song I wrote on my bedroom floor has the potential to help someone, then that right there is enough for me."

He had a record deal with a label ready to go. When the label found out Josey was gay, they dropped him immediately.

Josey picked himself up, dusted himself off and decided to do things his own way. He is now releasing his work independently, building a loyal group of fans behind him.

FHG: And I'm one of those loyal fans; I love his music; he'll be off soon on a European Trip.....and know it will go great.

He's won many accolades for his cool country rock style.  Check out his YouTube Blog called "Josey TV":

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Leo said...

Wow, he is gorgeous and I liked his rendition of that song! I'll have to keep my eye on him, won't be too difficult. ;) peace

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