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Friday, December 6, 2013



Matt Woods was born in 1983 in Portland, Oregon; and was a

gymnast throughout school. Matt studied business at

Arizona State University and graduated with a degree

in Business Administration. He continued training and

eventually he coached competitive gymnastics nationwide

before moving to San Diego.

Woods was unexpectedly thrust into the modeling world when

he met someone who worked for "Rufskin" Products. He told

him he should come and see him at his office. To be quite honest

Matt was merely looking to get a free pair of shorts or

some hot underwear.

But to his surprise, the company was more interested in him.

Woods was quickly signed to do a photo shoot. His talent as a

model shined on his very first photo shoot. After working with

“Rufskin,” he was able to really excel in the world of modeling.

By 2008, Woods modeled for several clothing companies and

graced the front cover of several fitness magazines

including “Men's Exercise” and “DNA”. Recently

even though Nick Youngquest was on the cover of DNA

Magazine #106, Matt stole the show inside the magazine

with his sexy shower scenes, wet t-shirt pic, and the hottest

butt shot every done!


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