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Monday, June 9, 2014

'Sexiest Man Alive" CHRIS CAMPANIONI is an Award-Winning Writer!

This is one of my TOP TEN super FIT HOT GUYS......American model Chris Campanioni was born on 1985 in Manhattan, New York. He has been modeling since 2007 and has worked with dozens of great photographers. Chris Campanioni aka Cuba is 28 and has been modeling for six years; and seemingly appearing out of nowhere. He enjoys doing all kinds of work but perhaps his favorite so far has been underwear and fitness gigs. [no surprise there]. I noticed Chris in the "Undergear" Catalog first with his beautiful long-waisted muscular look.  But his modeling splash really occurred when he was the Coverman for DNA Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Issue in 2009

He wants to do more commercial fashion and continue acting. If anyone (model or photographer) wants to set up a shoot, let him know and he can make it happen. He typically only takes paid gigs, but he'll consider anything that will help progress his portfolio....and what a handsome guy, at 6'+ and 180lbs; he's tall and flawless....WOW

Note: Chris has also been a reporter/journalist for the New Jersey Register so he's -not just a pretty face; he has written a novel about fashion and the media titled Going Down (published by Aignos, 2013) and a sequel of interlacing stories and photographs called Fashion of the seasons (forthcoming). Available at AMAZON.COM

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lehigh University and a Master of Arts from Fordham University, and he teaches English literature and creative writing at the City University of New York.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


UK Model and Actor, Dan Osborne is causing a burning sensation. Underwear model and star of several reality shows on television in the UK.  He is starring in a local reality show "The Only Way is Essex"- a sort of version of Gandia Shore and the famous competition "Splash" with the famous diver Tom Daley as a coach, and it is such fun ogling Dan Osborne.  Now, he is naked in the March 2014 of the prestigious British gay magazine Attitude Magazine. Dan is a very erotic and masculine beauty...and we all desire an exciting man like this!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

NSFW: KIRILL DOWIDOFF in "THE HUNT" (Uncensored Addicted Video)

THE HUNT (Uncensored Addicted Video) from ES COLLECTION is NOT YET RATED Addicted presents the most provocative and sensual video ever. Starring Kirill Dowidoff and Anton Agat. PIT STOP Campaign introduces the new Addicted Fall Winter 2013/14 Underwear Collection. Fantastic designs with new fabrics and powerful colors, if you are looking for the perfect fit, this is your collection.

THE HUNT (Uncensored Addicted Video) from ES COLLECTION on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Christopher Murdock is a 24 year-old from Verdun, Quebec where

he went to Riverside Park Academy. He now lives in Montreal,
Quebec where he is an assistant manager of a butcher department
at IGA.

He is 6' 1.5″ and weighs 205 lbs. He started working out because

he was very skinny and was picked on a lot in high school. Also,
he likes the feeling of competition, constantly striving to improve
himself and make himself stronger. After working out for 8 years
(but with a large break due to knee surgery), Christopher’s photo
shoot with Paul Henry Serres was his first.

In addition to modeling, he plans to compete in the IDFA because

“that is hands down the organization I am interested in." The IDFA
is the International Drug Free Athletics organization which just
shows Chris' commitment to being drug free.

Christopher says that besides his friends, family, and his new

born daughter, bodybuilding is his biggest passion; however, he
emphasizes that his friends, family, and daughter are his true
source of strength and motivation.

Why is Christopher so special? ...well, in my opinion he has taken

the time to develop every muscle, even muscles that most guys
usually ignore such as his back and legs. His entire body is so
well-developed, his arms and delts are especially huge. His abs
are well-defined as well, and the thickness of his back muscles
complete his superhero physique. By having such complete,
overall development, he sets his physique apart from those
of others.

As you can see in these photos by photographer Paul Henry

Serres, fitness model Christopher Murdock’s physique rivals
that of Superman and not just because of the hot tattoo. As
his fitness modeling career continues, Christopher will defintely
inspire other guys to start working out just like he has.

If you could like to connect with Christopher Murdock, Check

out his FB Page:

Monday, May 26, 2014


SUPER SEXY SERGI CONSTANCE Contestant in 2014 MR. FITHOTGUY CONTEST....make sure you vote!

NEWS: Sergi Constance is the WBFF's newest Muscle Model Pro. The 25 year old Spanish fitness superstar took the title at WBFF Denmark on May 10 2014, launching his career in the WBFF.  The 6' 1" Sergi is a former winner of the Muscle & Fitness Cover Model search at the Las Vegas Olympia, and has appeared on more than 10 magazine covers around the world. 

You can watch how Sergi achieves his amazing physique in his video training series, 'Total Body Aesthetics', available for purchase at:

Sergi was born October 25, 1988 in Valencia, Spain. Since he was a kid he loved sports and practiced all kinds of them. He studied at the Santisima Trinidad School in Valencia and his favorite course was Physical Education. Later on, in college, he graduated with a degree in Physical Education and Sports (CAFD) at the Universidad Catolica San Vicente Martir in Valencia in 2011. During college he had the chance to work as a model, mainly chosen because of his muscular profile. He is currently living in Miami Beach, Florida.

He studied Physical Education and Sport Science at college, and is currently working in the modeling industry as a fitness model. He is a WABBA Champion of Spain in the Junior Category, and in July of 2012 he traveled to the USA for modeling work. He has worked with 11 fitness and bodybuilding photographers and got his first cover in Muscle and Fitness (August 2012 Spanish Issue).

Fitness is clearly his passion. Also, he loves reading and learning; improving exercise techniques, diet approaches and training tips to achieve a better performance and a superior physique.

Physique Awards:
  • 1st place Cup of Spain Wabba, Junior Category
  • 4th place Mr. Universe Wabba, Junior Category
  • 1st place men physique I.F.B.B. Novice Category Championship, Spain
  • 1st place men physique I.F.B.B. Noray Trophy Championship, Spain
  • 1st place men physique I.F.B.B. Bigastro Trophy Championship, Spain
  • 1st place men physique I.F.B.B. Callosa de Segura Championship, Spain
  • 2nd place men physique NPC Southern States Championship, Fl., E.E.U.U.
  • 1st place men physique NPC Tampa Wings of Strength Championship. Fl., E.E.U.U. and Overall   Champion Men's Physique.
  • Muscle and Fitness model search Champion 2013-2014

  • Image of cosmetics for men, Delyplus, Mercadona since 2007, Spain
  • Model for ES collection, Swimwear and underwear: July 2011
  • Cover Muscle and Fitness August 2012
  • Cover Nutritienda Magazine September 2012
  • Cover Bodyfitness Muscle Show December 2012
  • Cover for WIRE magazine - Miami August 2013
Facebook - - -

  • AGE:   25
  • HEIGHT:    6' 1"
  • BodyFat%:   (annual avg.) 5%
  • WEIGHT:   98kg
  • BENCH PRESS (kg):   200kg
  • SQUAT (kg):   220kg
  • FAVORITE EXERCISE:   Lateral Raises (Delts)
  • GOAL FOR 2014:   More magazine covers and sponsorship
  • FAVORITE STORE ITEM:   Vascular Sleeveless Hoody


[Fernando] Jonas Sulzbach born February 7, 1986 is a hugely successful Brazilian model primarily known for winning the 2010 Mister Brazil World Contest and participating in the reality show Big Brother Brazil 12. 

Born in Lajeado, Jonas began her modeling career thanks to the insistence of his mother.  In 2004, at age 17, he moved to São Paulo, to continue his career; and he also worked as a bartender.  After a few years living in São Paulo, the young model's career really took off.  Jonas did campaigns for Pioneer, Chevrolet, Vuarnet, Riachuello, Scala and has also made ​​the cover of the magazines 'Mens Health' and 'Runners', as well as being, since 2008, the poster boy for Lupo.  Also in 2008, Jonas made ​​an appearance on the men's erotic site 'The Boy'.

It was on March 4th of 2010 that Jonah won the Mister Brazil World, held in Sao Paulo .  He represented the Island of Lobos, an island in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.  As the winner, the stunningly handsome model won the right to represent Brazil in the 2010 Mister World Contest, which was held in South Korea.  During the preliminaries, Jonas won the competition for  'Mr World Top Model',  which earned him a spot in the semifinals of the competition.  Jonas ended the competition among the very top semifinalists.  

On January 4th of 2012 , Jonas was announced as one of sixteen participants in the twelfth edition of the reality show Big Brother Brazil , the Rede Globo , which premiered on January 10 .  He came in third place, winning the prize of 50,000 dollars; and a car that he won during the program.  After leaving the program, he recorded this incredible webcam sex tape seen below.....NSFW!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Julian Andre Navarro was born January 15, 1991; and currently lives and grew up in Philadelphia, PA. In May he just graduated from Temple University with a degree in Kinesiology -Concentration: Exercise and Sports Science.  Now, he is getting prepared for his 2014 MuscleMania Pro debut in Ft. Lauderdale at the Fitness Universe Weekend June 27-28 in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Julian, the 2013 Musclemania® Universe Champion, weeks before the MM show already looks amazing! .... At 5'8″, 175 lbs., he looks ripped, full and with 15+ lbs. more muscle.  Hang on because Julian will return to the show, bigger, leaner and ready to take on the other Musclemania Pros.

Julian has been training for seven years now. He started weight training in high school, at age 16 to gain strength for wrestling and crew, and then he fell in love with weight lifting. It wasn’t until he saw his first bodybuilding magazine with Victor Martinez in it that he said, “Woahhh!!! I want to look like that".   He then joined a gym that was run by IFBB Pro Jason Greer who really helped to point him in the right direction, and answered any questions he had....a really great guy.

As a beginner, the mistakes that he made were probably the same as everyone else, poor diet, and too much training.  When it came to diet he knew he had to eat every 2-3 hours, but he didn’t know what he should be eating.  He was just shoveling food in his mouth like there was no tomorrow. When it came to training, he didn’t have a set plan, he would just train for hours, not realizing that he needed to rest and eat.  He just loved to train, so he would spend all his time in the gym.

When doing his meals he plans for the whole year.  He sets a goal weight to reach and calculates for that weight, making sure that each meal equates to the necessary totals for that goal.  He believes that being consistant is the key, so if he keeps his diet on track and trains intensely he will get to where he needs to be.

Pertaining to training, Julian will analyze his physique and see where he needs to improve upon the most, and then stick with some core movements for that area. For example, when he needed to add more thickness to his upper chest (much like every bodybuilder) he would include three incline movements in his chest routine: incline press (barbell or dumbbell), incline cable fly, and an incline free-weight fly usually superset right into dumbbell pressing.

He used to bulk up, but that wasn’t very practical.  He wasn’t able to see how his body was really changing and he would always be tired from just carrying around a lot of weight. Now he prefers to stay lean year round and adjust his portions as he meets desired goals. This way is much less stressful on the metabolism, it’s also nice to see exactly where the changes are being made.

When it comes to cardio he prefers HIIT or Steady State cardio. He usually does HIIT after a weight training session and for 10 minutes.  He doesn't have set time frames that he sprints for, he just sprints as long as he can, resting until he catch my breath, and then spring again. When doing Steady state, he will usually do this fasted or late at night before he goes to sleep; if I chose steady state over HIIT I will perform it at 50% heart rate max.

When doing cardio he prefers to use an elliptical, that way he can set the incline to target the glutes and hamstrings.


Monday: Chest and Biceps (Mainly a pressing day) Favorite movements for Chest: Decline Barbell Press and incline cable fly’s
Favorite movements for Biceps: Barbell Curls and Preacher curls

Tuesday: Quads
Favorite movements Quads: Front Squats and Stationary Lunges

Wednesday: Back (Rowing and Rack Pulls)
Favorite movements for Back: Underhand Barbell Rows and Rack pulls

Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps
Favorite movements for Shoulders: Dumbbell Press and Lateral raises on an incline
Favorite movements for Triceps: Cable Kickbacks and Bench Dips

Friday: Rest or Weak Body Part
[Currently he is using this as a second chest day instead of a rest day. He only does fly movements, two cable fly variants, two free weight fly variants and a burnout or drops set on the Pec Dec.]

Saturday: Hamstrings and Back (pull downs)
Favorite movements for Hamstrings: dumbbell narrow stiffs and standing hamstring curls 
Favorite movements for Back:underhand pull downs and pullovers

Sunday: Rest

Abs and Calves are done three times a week randomly.

Cardio (3-5 times a week): Cardio will be done either post workout or a second session later during the day. If he feels like he has lot of fat to lose he will do fasted cardio in the morning first thing.

Reps and Sets:

Currently he is sticking within the 6-8 rep range with roughly 4-5 sets per exercise. Since he recently became a Muscle Mania Professional Bodybuilder he needed to put on some size. Sticking within this rep range has allowed him to pack on some serious size and thickness to his physique. When lifting I am not just moving the weight from point A-B, he focuses on controlling the weight and making sure he is contracting the tissue through the concentric and eccentric phases. A lot of people will implement this style of training when getting closer to a show to help bring out separation, he figured why not train like this year round and develop an amazing physique.

When Julian is getting ready for a show his diet is very simple. All meals (and he means all meals) become fish, sweet potato, and broccoli. Fish is high in protein and high in fat as well, this allows his body to mobilize more fatty acids because it recognizes that there is a constant supply of healthy fats and no longer needs to hold on to the stored fat. Sweet potato acts a natural diuretic, allowing him to hold less water and making my water depletion phase a lot easier. 

Julian's favorite bodybuilders include: Arnold, Franco, Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane, and Victor Martinez.

Recovery: Whey protein, BCAA’s, Glutamine, Multi-vitamin
Fat loss: L-carnitine , CLA, Green Tea Extract, and Fish Oil
Joint support: Glucosamine

1. Take things one day at a time. Make sure you are doing your best each day to achieve that end goal.

2. Find motivation to keep going, follow an athlete or an inspirational speaker, anything that can help give you that extra push you need.

3. Diet is key! If you are eating for your desired physique you will get it.

Julian Navarro's facebook page:

Instagram: @king_Navarro

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Bernardo Arriagada is described as sweet, affectionate and friendly and he has a pierced nipple. One of the hottest models today, he is a favorite of top photographer Thomas Synnamon. Described as a symbol of male beauty and sensuality,  Bernardo is one of the most popular Abercrombie and Fitch models. And recently he appeared in the "Undergear" Catalog and showed off his substantial stuff.

Chilean by birth, Bernardo worked nights as a bartender for a club to make ends meet while studying medicine in Chile. It was in the same club that he was spotted and invited to go for a modeling tryout. He impressed the scouts immediately and his debut in the modeling world happened that same week where he was featured in the "India Fashion Week".

He now lives in New York City and is one of the most favorite models of Abercrombie and Fitch.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Adam Ayash Wears for UnderGear Underwear 2013 Collection 

In my recent memory, no one has dominated the pages of the popular "Undergear" men's catalog like Adam Ayash.   And it's no wonder with his well-muscled upper body and biceps; trim and well-defined abs and his thickly muscled thighs as well as a perfectly symmetrical physique; he is defintely the top in-demand underwear model today.

I just love his sexy arm, that Adam is so well-endowed and fills out a thong like nobody else doesn't hurt him at all!

He became famous after appearing in some top male fitness websites such as AllAmericanGuys:  Also, this sexy Arab hunk was named several times the Top and Best Model on those sites. Now Adam is a premiere fitness model represented by Silver Model Management.

Adam is of Lebanese descent.  He originally came from South Lebanon but moved to the USA after the Lebanese civil war.

Heh, also check out his awesome YouTube video workout:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Handsome face, sexy tatts, underwear bulge.....this sexy stud Giovanni Christo shows all this off wearing sexy Andrew Christian underwear in pics by JR Williams. This guy is handsome, beautiful smile and dreamy eyes. What a magnificent muscled body, great arms, chest and abs and a very impressive package.

Giovanni is a combat of those many young men and women who risked their lives for us and that makes him a hero.  Because Giovanni served his time and is only 26 years old, he is ready to start a whole new life. Modeling is obviously part of that, and without a doubt he will be successful.

We do know he is a fighter. Just looking at that super hard body you can tell that didn't just happen.  Giovanni is a passionate MMA fighter {mixed martial arts}...and more about Giovanni: he currently is a student; and he is incredibly handsome and sexy and hung.

The photos JR Williams took of Giovanni Christo, were shot over a period of a few months.  It shows the shift in Giovanni’s looks as he had to cut his long hair for a job well as his transformation to a top male model.

With special thanks to N2N Bodywear [bottom photo].

NOTE: The incredible physique photographer JR Williams lives in Hawaii and his work is amazing...check out his website:

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Anthony finally gets in the water! And while the shirt tries to cling on - his pecs and abs showing through - it's no use. It needs to come off. Enjoy Anthony ripping off the shirt and getting totally immersed in is mind-blowing physique. This guy really is perfection from head to toe. And when he's covered in water, glistening in the Miami sun - it really doesn't get any better.


Friday, January 10, 2014

AmericasFittestGuys' photostream

Adam Ayash Wears for UnderGear Underwear 2013 Collection 4ADAM AYASH HUNK arm tattooADAM AYASH 3 (1)ADAM AYASHADAM AYASH 2Adam Ayash is a American male model of Lebanese descent. He was get famous after appear in some sexy website such as, this sexy young Arab hunk is several times get awarded as the best model on those site.
ADAM.AYASHSTUDZ 2Julio Capeletti JAM Underwearphilip fusco sept DNA 5philip fusco sept DNA 5philip fusco sept DNA 5
PHILIP FUSCO 2012 Mr. Fit Hot GuyJEFF SEID wins Cover Model ContestNICK AYLER sexy-male-fitness-models-40-hot-guys-hot-abs-002NICK AYLER 14Nick Ayler pin up boys Richard GerstDennis Javier Gonzalez (aka SoulMan) is a Model, Personal Trainer and DJ from Russellville, Kentucky and is now living in Bend, Oregon
Nunzio Giannini by Fabrizio Cavallaro -  Politecnico DI Bari, Università DI BariCHRIS_DIPRETE_2DAVE.4ALAN.VALDEZ.2Alan_Valdez3[1]GUY.1
Adam Ayash is a American model of Lebanese descent. He got famous after appearing in some sexy websites such as, this hot young Arab hunk has been awarded as the best model several times on those sites.
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