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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sean Patrick Davey is a 27 years old red-headed hunk living in New York City.  [wow..and I love red heads] Even though he is new to modeling, he is a top former college athlete and MMA fighter turned professional wrestler. He has only been modeling for half a year but with the help of his photogragher, Marlen Boro, and a friend he is currently represented in both the New York and Twin Cities market. He is being coached in New York City to improve his technique to be even more ready to be on a national level; and in my opinion he's ready.

Also before leaving his home in Minneapolis, he created a fitness talk show on the web that he produced and co-hosted. He is interested in doing the same in NYC and meeting fitness models that would like to be on his web show.

He is open to any feed back to help him expand his portfolio and career. Feel free to contact him at

Check out his awesome ModelMayhem Site:

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Some guys just have it all....and Lars Slind is one of those guys. True, many Norwegian men are totally hunks like Lars.
Lars Slind is a highly successful male model, and has appeared for some major names and been photographed by some really talented photographers, including Carlos Arias and Scott Hoover. Coming from a sports background in football; his athletic and fit body really shows. 
From head to toe this guy is a super-hunk. With perfect features, beautiful eyes, a  little bit of a hairy body, and all that defined muscle… and even a super bulge which is hard to miss! 
Lars Slind - Sexy and Smooth Muscle JockLars Slind - NakedLars Slind - Muscle HunkLars Slind - Hunk on the beachLars Slind - Hairy Muscle HunkLars Slind - Gorgeous Hairy Muscle GuyLars Slind - Awesome Smooth Muscle Jock

Friday, June 24, 2011



Benjamin Godfre, born in 1988, in Minnesota, is an American model of Irish, Italian and English descent.

Ben was also raised in Minnesota; and is now attending school in Orange County, California.

In the beginning, male modeling was almost an unthinkable concept to this shy and sweet guy; and numerous offers were rejected right away. Nothing happened until he met veteran phototgrapher, Tom Cullis, who took Ben under his wing as a protege. Tom took such stunning and beautiful photos of him that he finally convinced Ben to give modeling a try; and the rest is history.

Soon there after, came his first modeling job, strutting his athletic body for men’s fashion wear, “” All of a sudden, the demand for Godfre has become so overwhelmingly high, that reportedly he’s received offers from several big clothing companies including Australian leading men’s swimwear manufacturer, “AussieBum.”

His ability to project to the camera coupled with his great physique and exceptional good looks definitely make him a force to be reckoned with in the modeling world.

When not modeling or studying, Godfre loves to take his beloved Jeep and goes to the beach to parasail, and to surf, which is his number-one hobby; along with skate-boarding.

Ben is my favorite all-around fitness male model; he’s hip, kool, and down-to-earth; even though he’s extremely intelligent, he can hold his own with the best native-born California “surfer-dudes”. I would need a translator…lol

......and personally, i am most proud of Ben's "EXERCISE for MEN ONLY" Magazine cover; I know Tom did the Cover, but my friend Ken Sergi did the inside pics!!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011


There is so much skin on television these days that one can get jaded.  BUT...not where sexy, hot Christopher Gorham is concerned.  The always super-fit Christopher goes shirtless in his hit TV series “Covert Affairs”... mmmmmmm!   He has an utter lack of body hair, better to show off his chiseled physique...and these recent pics are really hot. Always a fan of Christopher from JAKE 2.0 to UGLY BETTY, he's a real life Clark Kent who when fully dressed you have no idea under there lurks the body of a superhunk.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Chace Crawford is soon to star in a gay-themed movie.  As I always hoped, Chace, the handsome hunk who stars in the TV series Gossip Girl, will soon take the role of a gay guy in the movies! Still in draft form, the film is adapting the awesome book by Nadine Gordimer "The House Gun". 

The complex story follows the fate of a young gay man living in South Africa some time after the end of apartheid.  Accused of murdering his lover, his family hires a black lawyer, like him a victim of prejudice. 

Pierce Brosnan will co-star with Chace Crawford.  The former James Bond will play the successful architect father of the young gay.  The roles of the mother, Chase's lover and the lawyer are not yet known.  I can't wait to find out which boy will kiss those lips of Chace....not that it will the first.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The newly crowned 2011 MR. FITHOTGUY, Kevin Cooley, has this beautiful girlfriend, AlbaLydia, that I just had to share with you.  She also happens to be a model like Kevin.  She is 26 years old and lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. I wanted to include her too because some of Kevin's best pics are the two of them together.  They are such a beautiful couple and their joint pics are priceless.  

She is a very down to earth and likes to try new things at least once...and she is a fun person work with. If you have any doubts, contact any of the photographer's she's worked with listed below.  Whenever she is booked for a shoot, she will always be there. If for some reason she asks to reschedule it is because she cannot make it for some important reason.

She is willing to travel as long as her expenses are paid for.......Check out her awesome portfolio on ModelMahem.

Photographer's Alba's worked with:

Mikhail Image
Tom Sapp
Angela Michelle Perez (way to many to count lol)
Andrew Foulk
Socal in Motion
Calixto Photography
Nicholas Liu
Paul Hill
Aram O. Photography
Knight Photographic
Jim Williams Photography
Scott Evans Photography
CS Photographic
Richard Caldwell

Models Alba's worked with:

Kevin J Cooley MM#1676674
Daneris MM#683860
Dominic Ciolino MM#535563


His name is Kevin J. Cooley, and he's 36 years old from Worcester, Massachusetts. Even though he just recently got into modeling; and like many male models, like Matt Schemeirer {34}, David Gandy {31}, Tyson Beckford {41}.... Kevin is  peaking in his 30's. [almost a big secret in the fitness world muscles don't mature in shape and density until one is at least thirty] 

In July 2009 Kevin was one of the top male models in the "PULSE" Magazine  Swimsuit Issue.  And the top photo shows one of the pics from this awesome photoshoot by csphotographic in boston.

His look is a cross between a sexy mainstream model and a top fitness model.  He is interested in expanding his portfolio, please check out his ModelMayhem site. He is really into fitness and nutrition and takes great care of his body. Message him at ModelMayhem to get in touch with him.

Kevin is an avid golfer, loves red wine, has a terrific girlfriend, and works.  Also, I suspect he acheived this awesome fit body in his 20's and learned how to maintain it; so he doesn't spend 24/7 in the gym though he does work out regularly.

I know since the end of 2010 I've been agonizing over the 2011 FITHOTGUY of the YEAR; and of course I've considered and kept in my TOP TEN LIST; Aaron O'Connell, Jed Hill, Zeb Ringle, Matt Stone, Todd Sanfield and others; but this choice wasn't sudden.  I've been seeing pics of Kevin on the internet since 2008; and just couldn't ignore his muscular sexuality, level of fitness, and personality.

Model Mayhem #1676674


Kevin takes it off! Check him out! by xxxcamwithhimxxx


FITTEST HOTTEST GUYS: KEVIN: STAR OF CAMWITHHIM.COM: "If u have limited funds but want to cam; Kevin is worth every penny; friendly, courteous; and with the body of a greek god...he's awesome; a..."


If u have limited funds but want to cam and this is not a porn site; Kevin is worth every penny; fun, sexy, friendly, courteous; and with the body of a greek god...he's simply awesome; and i was awestruck when he peeled off this baggie grey t-shirt to reveal the most perfect guns I've ever seen; and pecs to die for.

...yes, did cam with him and joined this great cam site; and wow...after seeing  his perfect biceps and pecs; I knew i had seen him in fitness magazines or something; and i would rank him up there with the best!  and he's so good with new cammers; patient..and fun to talk to too; he loves to golf; check out his amazon wishlist; and even though he's straight; he's very gay-friendly [his girlfriend works on the camwithher side].  Oh, I know this site has some real powerhouses like Tyler Southwick, Michael Fitt, Delro, Ray (Alan Valdez), and many others; but I joined to see KEVIN.  I know he's straight and its not a porn site; but it's great fun and Kevin is sexy, friendly, charming, and flexes like nobody else.

Watch live video from CamWithHim TV on


Filip Jurka - Junior bodybuilder

Filip started his sport career in year 2006 and is vice-champion of the Czech Republic. Next season will be more difficult for him because he will start in junior class with older and heavier bodybuilders and therefore needs to gain some weight. His muscle definition and separation is perfect – it could be his main advantage. Filip is studying high school (electro focus), likes sports and music. Gym photos was taken in gym Big 1 Brno, Czech Republic

Date of birth:1988

Saturday, June 18, 2011



I have wanted to write a blog on this subject for seems in these youth-driven times we live in; most top male fitness/fashion models are over-the-hill at 20 {I know there are a few exceptions}. At least all are struggling past 25; and are gone at 30 like shooting stars that flame out. can imagine my shock and surprise to discover this fitness/fashion model at 33, [near 34; let's say mid-thirties] who hasn't even begun to peak in looks, fitness, muscularity, etc. Not only is he perfect physically in every way; word is unanimous, from all that work with him, that he is a great guy, funny, a real pleasure to work with. I know we always hear this, but somehow this rings true. His tattoos are just right, not too many, located in all the best places, too. 

He's even from the mid-west, St. Louis; an all-american guy.

If you know something negative about Matt, like he smokes, drinks too much, or whatever, don't tell me.

DNA Magazine has flipped over him....their recent Magazine Blog (with Albert Speer on the cover) was totally absorbed with the inside photoshoot of Matt. Matt this, and Matt that...and his pics are all over the site.

All the male fitness/fashion blogs have had similar posts about Matt this last year. Where has Matt been for the last ten years? Do all the other models peak too young? say the least, I will anxiously be watching Matt's progress! Chances are he's proving what we should have already known 30 is the new 20, etc., and the longevity of a male model might just well be into his 40's and 50's. When I see Matt I keep double-checking his birthdate; that's 1977, not 1987.

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    michael holland rickday Michael Holland by Rick Day %

    There’s no doubt that Silver Models remains to be one of the best agencies for male fitness models, having successfully built a stable of in-demand fitness personalities that graced magazine covers and participated in advertising and promotional campaigns. Recently, the agency unveiled new members of their board and MichaelHolland has landed a coveted spot with this notable entity. NYC photographer Rick Day, who bears the standard in male model photography, showcases Michael Holland to us in this fine series
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      It all started more than a year ago at the Model Universe in Miami, but Tyler McPeak has risen fast with commercial shoots and a couple of magazine covers.  The 6'2", 220 lbs. former high school and college baseball and basketball player recently signed with two New York agencies but prefers to work from his home in the Appalachians of western Virginia and commute to the Big Apple when called.  Tyler hosted at the Model Universe last June joining Fitness America Pageant Champion, Lindsay Messina.

      Top Model Universe competitor Tyler McPeak continues to land jobs in New York. He will appear in the MetRx "Shaping Every Body" book in which he demonstrates exercises. Also, he just wrapped a runway gig for fashion designer Indashio (photo). Tyler is live model for the new Hollister SOHO store in New York City, just shot for DO Denim, a new apparel brand, and will appear in the Rick Days Athlete 2010 Calendar and much more. This guy's hot and on the move. 

      Follow Tyler's Blog for new and updates.
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      Friday, June 17, 2011


      BONE WEAR is proud to introduce their exclusive new model, Brandon van Bergen.

      Brandon has been working with us over the last few weeks and has drawn a huge reaction with his exceptional good looks and chiseled body.

      He also happens to be a wonderful and polite down-to-earth guy, and a pleasure to work with.

      Brandon is 23 years old from Pretoria and is a manager for KTM motorcycles. He is presently also studying financial management part time at the University of Pretoria. His interests include motorcycling, gym, cycling, movies and travelling.

       - Height: 1.72m
       - Weight: 78kg
       - Shoe Size: 8

      MR. BRAZIL 2011

      Lucas Malvacini, representing B├║zios, was elected the new Mister Brazil in Angra dos Reis on Saturday, June 4th. Lucas beat thirty-eight other candidates for the title, and will represent the country in the Mister World pageant. He also won a $100,000 scholarship.


      Hercules Magazine

      My new FIT HOT GUY of the Week is sexy, hot model Parker Gregory who is featured in DNA on-line.

      He appears in this awesome photoshoot called There is Time For Everything Under The Sun for Hercules magazine, photographed by 
      Giampaolo Sgura; along with his friend and model Diego Fragoso. 

      Parker's butt is so perfect and sexy that it has even been used in several Armani Exchange campaigns.


      [Parker was born in 1987; and is a native of Houston, Texas.  He is an American model of Sicilian and Irish descent; and is one of the most sought-after models.  He is always listed as one of  the Top 50 male models in the world.  

      Parker entered the modeling world in 2007 when he signed with the agency "Click".   He has since done numerous ad campaigns with A-List clients such as "Tommy Hilfiger", "V Man", "Mario Testino", "Adidas", "POP", "Arena", "Chanel" and "Karl Lagerfeld".

      Parker is known as an easy-going, down-to-earth guy; who likes to sleep, do sports, drive cars and spend time with his family and friends.] 
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