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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Steve Boyd, born in 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is a male model, of Danish and Italian descent.  His roots are Danish on his father's side and Italian on his mom's side.  Growing up Boyd worked for his father's landscaping and snow plowing business that he and his Dad invested a lot of work and effort into.

Still, Steve left after graduating from high school and moved to Miami.  There he was discovered while working out at the gym. He has since moved to New York City where he signed with the prestigious "Soul Artist Management".

In a short time, Boyd has already created a big buzz in the modeling scene, with numerous shoots for fashion editorials, fashion magazines, worked on a few ad campaigns, notably, "Jeanswest" and "AussieBum", and has been photographed by renown photographers Gregory Vaughan and Rick Day.

His Statistics:
  • Height: 6'1
  • Waist: 32
  • Suit: 40L
  • Shoe: 12
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hair: Brown


An Interview and more photos of Steve in New York fashion:


Myles Leask has a sophistication and maturity about him beyond his years already a phenom in the modeling world.  Myles is only 23 years old and has already worked with top photographers around the world like Simon Barnes and Justin Taylor; and is signed with a select few agencies.  He is also a sponsored athlete for NRG Fuel Sports nutrition.  It's a real surprise that he comes out in full frontal nudity and hard in the new issue of TMF.

The stunning Leask is without question a hot male fitness model and in demand personal trainer from Worcester, England, UK.  He recently resided in Swansea, Wales, UK as a recruitment trainer; but currently resides in London, England, UK where is actively persuing his modeling.  He is entering the contest for Mr Cardiff 2012!



Robert Banner, 21, is a model from Portsmouth in Hampshire, UK.  He is very experienced as a fitness model and also works as a model in: Photo, Fashion, Runway, Print Magazine, Swimwear, Parts Modeling, Hair, and Topless.

He is very versatile and is definitely a model in demand and on the rise.  Just check out his stats:  he's 208 lbs. and stands 6'3" with a 44" Chest and a 34" what a hunk, and a classic V-taper.  Combine that with his beautiful tattoos and nipple ring, he's quite a stunner.

Rob has shot with numerous photographers for mainly fashion, commercial, and hair shoots.  In 2011 he was awarded the 'Best Male' at the London Schwarzkopf Creative Awards.

His hometown is Portsmouth, although, he is currently studying at Brighton University and living near there in Eastbourne during school times.

Please feel free to contact him with any questions or if you would like to shoot.

Check out Robert's ModelMayhem Site:

Thursday, September 27, 2012


On the cover Will Grant by Michael A Downs. Will is wearing Jocko underwear.





William Price is from the midwest, and he naturally has a physique that makes him really stand out.  He has a beautiful body, smooth face, flawless skin. William grew up in the country, born in Lincoln, Nebraska and raised in a small town in Central Florida. He gets his looks and body…naturally.  William Price is a natural born hunk and a self-proclaimed country boy who has transformed himself into a first-rate fitness model.

He loves to hunt, fish, go out on the boat, or relax with friends around a bon fire.  A superb athlete, William has been playing lots of sports since he was very young. Passionate on maintaining his great physique, he loves going to the gym and does training in mixed martial arts. He also mountain bikes so he can enjoy the outdoors, and its beauty.

As a teenager, modeling never crossed his mind, and he was just a kid in high school with low selfesteem. However, through sports, he started developing his physique.  As he continued to develop himself, gaining the body and face that turns heads and captures attention, several of his friends told him to get into modeling. Through networks like Facebook, William was contacted by several companies and began talking to NorCalBodz, and after a year decided he wanted to pursue modeling. In September 2009, he flew to Sacramento, California and signed with NCB Model Management.  They are the company who manage Greg Plitt.

William lived in Tampa, Florida and has since moved to Jersey City, N.J., where he is close to NYC and is pursuing his modeling career.  He has recently done some awesome photoshoots with Rick Day and Thomas Synnamon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


February Pic

I've seen it all over the web on a host of other blogs featuring in full the awesome images contained in the hottest calendar of 2013!...and since he's the leader of my Mr. FitHotGuy Contest [VOTE AT THIS SITE]  it’s my turn to officially showcase the images of his 2013 calendar. In the next few weeks, I will share with you the images and give you a closer look on how he came up with what is now being called as The Sexiest Calendar of the coming year!  GET ONE FOR YOURSELF BY ORDERING THE CALENDAR HERE. They are shipping now; and check out Phil's website for more news on this awesome hunk

Monday, September 24, 2012



Christopher Lee Coleman is 24 years old and lives in Charleston, SC.  He is looking to get into the modeling industry now that he has finished college.  Recently he placed 2nd Runner-up in the 2011 Charleston Excalibur Men's Physique Contest.  He also created a sensation as a seasoned model for three years at the Gainesville Fashion Week.  He was also a 2010 INsite Cover Model Contest finalist.

He also tries to stick to a strict diet regime, especially right before any event.  Chris takes a variety of supplements, including taurine, glutamine, dextrose, ZMA, fish oil, multivitamins, b-complex and a pre-workout supplement.  He eats egg whites, raspberries, strawberries, coconut water and almonds for breakfast and likes to have a spring mix salad with blue cheese, chicken and mushroom for lunch. He’ll usually have fish or lean ground beef for dinner.

As a Fashion Model veteran, Chris says he has given advice to new models and likes trading workout tricks with other male models.  “We can discuss ab routines and certain rotations of exercise,” he says.  He also learns about diet and exercise from blogs and follows some body builders online.  Though training for more shows, he wants to get some exposure towards getting sponsored and contract work.

A 2011 graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville with a degree in telecommunications - he majored in Video and Film Editing. His good looks show with mix of Irish, Dutch, & Spanish ethnicity.  Chris looks forward to the opportunity to work with new photographers and models as he expands his portfolio and builds his career. His experience includes Executive Programming  and Music Director for; and doing paid voice overs on the side as well. As far as style goes, he is pretty open to new ideas, and is a down to earth guy.   I think he has a great look and huge potential.

Contact Info:

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Seth Kuhlmann, born in 1991, in Watson, Louisiana, USA, is one of the top American fitness models. It was sometime on a hot 4th of July weekend 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona when things began to change for Seth.

A athlete with a football in one hand and a baseball in the other, Kuhlmann quickly became well known in the sports world. He'd come to Arizona to stay with his Uncle for a few months to think about his life. He had been heavily recruited by Colleges and Universities by both Football and Baseball recruiters from around the country for the past year. Add to that interest from Pro teams and his choices became a bit overwhelming.

While at a local festival grounds, Seth was approached by two guys with a camera wanting to know if he'd be interested in shooting some footage for an MTV television show. He quickly agreed and jumped in front of the camera.  A few weeks later he noticed a call out for potential actors and models so once again he went for it.  He'd had little if any experience other than recruitment videos, interviews on camera by Sports writers and school endorsement films; but he took to film like a natural.

Seth was recruited by modeling agencies about as heavily as he had been by sports teams but the talented Jason Kanner and his Soul Artist Management Agency gave him a comfort level and enthusiasm he had never before known.  Modeling is just the beginning of what appears to be a great career for Kuhlmann as the Visionary Talent Agent Maury DiMauro with Innovative Artists has become his acting agent.

Seth arrived in New York late September 2010 and quickly became a favorite of the top photographers in the industry such as Rick Day, Greg Vaughan, Joseph Blue, and others. Very much in demand, he can be seen posng in the pages of numerous magazines including "V Man", "Supplementaire", and "Monologue", among others.

Stay tuned!


Anton just posted some sexy hot new photos by Pat Lee on his website and he will post more at

Anton just recently returned to bodybuilding competing in the new Men's Physique Category; and won the Men's Overall at the North American Championships

The next show he has picked to compete in is the Houston Pro in Houston, Texas. It will be the last pro physique show of the year so we're assuming it will be pretty crowded. The show is only a few weeks away and Anton has been training for it since winning the North American Championship. The Houston Pro is October 13th!  If you are in the area, come support it, more info is at

Anton has put on an amzing amount of lean muscle recently, and he is getting wider, and growing at an amazing rate considering he is 100% natural.  He has gotten to where he is all on his own and without any help, financial or otherwise. However, as a fan of his for years I hope others will give their moral support to him at his amazing accomplishment!


22 year old Jason currently lives in Centurion, SA.  He works and studies in the medical and science field as an immunologist and is qualified in biomedical technology.  Jason is hoping to start his masters next year....IMPRESSIVE!

In his own words: “Most of all I’m fun-loving, active and always willing to try something new.  Nothing means more to me than my friends and people staying true to who they are. I am a proudly gay man and one day hope to be in a position to make a difference. Currently I only have experience from a few photo shoots and winning a few gay pageants, but I am now looking to broaden my horizons.”

His favorite quote is: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind

He just won the the GAY PAGES Cover Model Competition and he appears on the cover of the Spring issue.

Also, check out the Gay Pages page on facebook! and you can follow Jason on twitter @jlr_sharkman or add him on facebook as Jason Rogers.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


24 year old Steven Dehler grew up in Simi Valley, a small town in southern California. This blond, blue eyed hottie was very athletic while growing up: playing soccer, baseball, and basketball, along with swimming and running. This helps explain his very hot, athletic physique.  Dehler is making a name for himself in the modeling industry and it's no surprise he has become a very popular underwear and swimwear model.  He models for Andrew Christian, Rufskin, Timoteo and others; recently starring in Andrew Christian's famous "Cash Wash" video.  He has appeared frequently in DNA Magazine.  He also dances as a go-go boy at a very popular LA club.

Dehler lives in North Hollywood, CA and has been modeling for about four years.  He is engaged to his longtime boyfriend and appeared with him in a July 2012 photo series MASCULINE DOSAGE by Photographer Dylan Rosser.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Will Grant is a stunning new fitness model who stands 5'9" and is also a dedicated personal fitness trainer based in Orlando, Florida.

In his own words: "I stay busy with training my clients in the gym, training myself and I also having to travel for photoshoots and commercials. I've also recently gotten into natural bodybuilding and men's physique competitions."

He recently appeared in the "Undergear" Catalog; and blew me away.

Well, enough said; his incredible body says it all. Just check him out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Aaron O’Connell was born in Dayton, Ohio. He was raised by his parents in Carmel, Indiana along with his three sisters. Upon graduating from Cathedral High School he received his B.A in Health & Fitness from Purdue University where his modeling and acting career began. 

Although traveling around the country and being a full time student was a challenge, a degree was always most important before embarking on a modeling & acting career. Since graduation, modeling and acting has become his full-time job, and he continually strives to be the best person he can be. 

His work includes GQ, VMan, German Vogue, French Vogue, L’uomo Vogue, Arena Homme, Hanes, Lucky Jeans, A&F, Gilly Hicks, Ruehl, Ralph Lauren, Champion, Jockey...

and he currently graces the cover of TETU Magazine!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Stunning Myles Leask is a 23 year old hot male fitness model and personal trainer from Worcester, England, UK; recently resided in Swansea, Wales, UK as a recruitment trainer; but currently resides in London, England, UK where is actively persuing his modeling.  He is entering the contest for Mr Cardiff 2012!


This is Arnaud; Coverman for the French gay mag Sensitif. With a face and body like this all hairy and muscular who would guess Arnaud is a server in one of the well-known gay establishments in Paris. If all French servers look like this I'm buying my ticket to France. Apart from the obvious, Arnaud has something special with his gingery scruff and a beautiful hairy chest. The only thing to do next is to get a copy of SENSITIF.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Stefan's already made a massive splash in the fitness industry, featured in an array of magazines, commercials and fashion shows. He has also been the top model at AAG and now he's going to make his major motion film debut in October. As for myself I can't wait to see that sexy body on the big screen.

Stefan was born on June 8th, 1989 in Plymouth, Michigan and was a two-time All-State high school wrestler at Detroit Catholic Central, a nationally recognized school for academics and athletics.  He pursued training in boxing and mixed martial arts, and his high school wrestling success landed him a college scholarship at Heidelberg University. At Heidelberg, Stefan pursued not only wrestling, but also did theater, where he enrolled in several theater classes and was in three theatrical productions.

After a wrestling injury, Stefan’s talents in the theater convinced him to further pursue acting. He transferred to Central Michigan, a university closer to his home town, where he engaged in acting classes and acquired a talent agency. Within just a few months of actively working with an agency, Stefan appeared in a national Chrysler Super Bowl commercial, among others, and booked a supporting role in a soon to be released Paramount blockbuster movie, Fun Size.
In addition, when Stefan began modeling and was instantly recognized by several national agencies. He decided to move to New York City to sign with a local agency. Upon his arrival, Stefan worked with the top NYC fashion and fitness photographers. As a result, he has appeared in magazines, commercials and events including a live Nike and ESPN fashion show.

Recently, Stefan moved to Florida to pursue other modeling and acting agencies in Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Since moving, he landed a lead role in another movie and has appeared in more print advertisements and commercials, including a holiday commercial for the Home Shopping Network. Within the next year, Stefan plans to move to Los Angeles to seek a prominent acting agency and land more roles on the big screen.

  •  5'10; 185lbs
  •  5.5% body fat
  •  blonde hair
  •  blue/green eyes
  •  31' waist size


Sunday, September 2, 2012



He started working out when he was 12 years old. So now he has 6 years of lifting under his belt; and he's 18, height 6’0", weighs 185, 18" Biceps, and body fat of 5.5%....and he's taking the fitness world by storm. Living in Seattle WA., he's a student and works out daily at My Fitness Health Club; and he's also a personal trainer at David Barton Gym.

Ironically, a leg injury sidelined Jeff from being a Division I star athlete at Kentridge Senior High [Class of 2012] in Kent, Washington; and an injury he just reinjured.


He got started in the fitness industry when Tanji Johnson came up to him about 5 months ago at his gym and said he should do her bodybuilding show that was in a couple of weeks. Well he did it, and won his class and was the Men's Physique Overall Champion at Tanji's 2012 NPC Vancouver USA Natural and Tanji Johnson Classic in March 2012.  Of course, that has only been the beginning after he just finished in the Top 5 in the Men's Physique Class at the recent 2012 NPC USA Championships at the end of July.

Here's a recap of Jeff's recent bodybuilding contests:
2012 NPC USA Championships - 5th
His New YouTube "How Ya Doin'"


Check out his FACEBOOK PAGE:!/officialjeffseid

...and his most recent post "Here in Pittsburgh for the IFBB North American Championships. Heading out in half an hour. Last chance at an IFBB Pro card this year."

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