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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Josh Truesdell is just an incredibly hot and sexy new fitness model with an amazing physique.  He is a fashion, catalog and figure model currently located in Florida. He is represented by Elite Model Management in Miami. He is available for editorials, catalogs, sports shoots and portraits.

Have a look at his gallery [] and tell him what you think

His previous location was 206 Curtis Lp, Wahiawa, Hawaii 96786.  He ran an apparal company called Khaos Engage. It is geared towards what he enjoys doing most: extreme sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, and motorcross.  He is also a fitness consultant/ personal trainer and enjoy staying healthy.

Contact Info:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This video shows a current Photoshoot in Morningside, Miami, FL with Marcel Hans aka Marcel Duran Rodriguez.  His sexy bubble butt is on display. Hopefully it is edited carefully to keep the butt police away; you be the judge.   More Marcel at  Marcel works as a model at  At 34,  Marcel has maintained a physique any 18 year old would envy; solid muscle and beautiful symmetry.

Marcel is a fitness model legend who made some of the sexiest male videos for VistaVideo ever done.  He currently lives in Miami, Florida and was born on September 7, 1981.  You can contact Marcel on Facebook:

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Jacek Bilczyński is an extraordinary Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. A coverman for "Men's Health" [Poland] and "EksMagazyn" [Poland's upscale Playboy magazine for women]. In a competition in "Okrzyknęła" Magazine, the ultimate magazine for women and men in Poland, Jacek was voted the best body in Poland! It's no wonder Jacek is the top professional model, dietitian, and manager of fitness resources in Poland. He is currently the best in his knowledge of nutrition and training.

In 2011 Jacek also won the title of 'Man of the Year' by "EskMagazyn" magazine. Jacek has become a very successful professional fashion model and underwear model; and he is a Superstar in Poland and abroad. He is the face brand of 'Clergy'.

He is a graduate of the School of Physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice [city in Silesia in southern Poland], and a student at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Silesia.  Jacek also participates in scientific research in both physiotherapy and nutrition.  A member of the Avangarde Research Group (Group on the research of diet supplements).   Also, he is a moderator of the largest sports forum in Poland – SFD, author of numerous publications on nutrition, and the author of articles and guidance material for popular websites for information and entertainment. Correspondence in lifeguard competition, a promoter of health, coach, leading courses in nutrition, training methodology for instructors, trainers and people who are health conscious; and coaches working with athletes.

On the official profile of Jacek [Jack] on Facebook, he offers advice to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle to be healthier and more fit. There are items such as: stack diet and nutrition plans, and prearranged individual consultation based on your gender, age, physical activity, lifestyle and culinary tastes, as well as learning the correct techniques for exercise workouts, advice in the selection of your physical activity. Anyone with the proper advice, has the option to choose the preferred program, as well as the promise of help in changing your habits and maintaining the results achieved.

Since September 2011, Jacek works with "EksMagazynem" as a fitness coach; publishing articles, among other things. In the website:   He also publishes in both the departments of health and beauty; and on the websites: and

Friday, February 8, 2013



Joel Rush, born in 1982 in Tampa, Florida, is an American model turned actor.  Joel is largely known as the runner up of ABC’s reality series, “True Beauty,” a competition between models with a twist.

Rush delved into acting in 2010, playing roles in two “Eating Out” films: “The Open Weekend” and “Drama Camp”; as well as appearing in six episodes of “Days of Our Lives”.  In 2012, Rush starred in another gay film “Love or Whatever”, a romantic comedy opposite Tyler Poelle.

Prior to modeling and acting, Rush worked in software sales. Living in Tampa, he is a wild party-guy who confessed he married his wife because she is as hot as he is, so she can relate to what I go

Sunday, February 3, 2013


There is not very much information on this new model, currently being referred to as "Sergei". For now, all I could find is just one set of photos and those are of the Russian photographer Vitaly Shiryaev.
Sergei is a a stunning and powerful looking young man. You can tell that he is still very young. Probably between 19-22. He has beautiful tight skin and a figure that has perfect symmetry and he shows it off really well. His sharp eyes coupled with the finely chiseled nose and kissable lips can easily place him in the Hemsworth category especially where playing Thor is concerned.

Well, take a look at this beautiful young man and he is simply... breathtaking. Enjoy!


Saturday, February 2, 2013



Top male fitness model, William Price is clearly a natural hunk. William is a genuine 'country boy' who was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and grew up in a small town in Central Florida. He loves hunting, fishing, going boating, and just relaxing with his friends when it gets cold around a fire.   An athlete at heart, William has been playing sports, as he has emphasized, "since he could walk".  Clearly passionate on maintaining his great physique, he loves going to the gym and does training in mix martial arts. He also mountain bikes so he can enjoy the outdoors and appreciate its natural beauty.
Like a lot of guys modeling never crossed his mind, especially as a teenager.  He was the kid in high school with acne and low self confidence. However, through sports, he developed his awesome physique and his skin cleared up.  As he continued to develop himself, gaining the body and face that turns heads and captures attention, several of his friends told him to get into modeling. Through social networks MySpace and Facebook, William was contacted by several companies and began talking to NorCalBodz, and after a year decided he wanted to pursue modeling.
In September 2009, he flew to Sacramento, California to meet Gary Gonzales, owner of NorCalBodz Photography and he signed with NCB Model Management.  It wasn't long before William was also modeling for AAG and several underwear companies;  and working with top photographers like Thomas Synnamon; and the rest is modeling history.

Friday, February 1, 2013


 2013 Mr. Fit Hot Guy


After being elected one of the 10 sexiest men in Brazil by readers of a popular national magazine, model and TV reporter, David Franklin, has been gathering much notice. David began his career as a model for various national and international advertising campaigns; then along came journalism and working for a magazine site; and finally came the invitation to do television and join the team of reporters from TV Fame drawing the attention of thousands of Brazilians and TV critics.

David shows off his incredible beach body in this shoot by Rodrigo Marconatto for Spanish People Magazine. We'd be more than happy to help Franklin free Willy…
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