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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Carlos Freire is with Major NY, Urban (Milano), Vision(LA), 40Graus Models - mother agency (Brazil).
When did you start modeling?
CARLOS FREIRE : Close to finishing my university, I started to do some modeling jobs in my town and the northeast of Brazil; then, when I finished my studies I went to live in Rio de Janeiro and really began to focus on the modeling career.

Did you want to do it right away, or did you take some time to think about it?
CARLOS FREIRE : Yes, I took some time to think about it... I was almost finished with my studies, and was already working, but sometimes I was thinking it was so boring to me, because in the area of computer stuff you spend all of your your time in a room in front of a computer, then I thought I'd try something different.

Tell us more about Brazil and what you like the most about living there?
CARLOS FREIRE : Brazil is amazing, it's a big country, 26 states, each one with its culture, its customs. One of the most beautiful places is the coast area, with many amazing and different beaches.

The thing that I like the most most about living there are the beaches, the city that I was born in and that I was living in until I started modeling, called João Pessoa is in the northeast, it's a coastal city. To me it's like a lost paradise, the population is not too big, there are a lot of natural places, also my family and many friends live there.

What about your family, do they support your modeling career?
CARLOS FREIRE : My family is cool, they support me in what I decide to do, they trust me, I am very grateful for that. The only problem is the distance, sometimes I miss them.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
CARLOS FREIRE : I have one beautiful sister, her name is Luanna, older than me, she's 28. But she's not a model, she is a doctor.

Many Brazilians have an exotic look. What is your ethnic origin?
CARLOS FREIRE : In fact I don't really know, my surname is Theorga came from Portugal, but my parents are Brazilians, my grandparents also;  the Brazilian people are very mixed, it is usually hard to know your exact ethnic origin.

What's the biggest modeling job you've done so far?
CARLOS FREIRE : I did Roberto Cavalli Menswear S/S 09. And I shot Armani Exchange Fall 09 here in NY, both campaigns.

What kind of jobs would you like to do in the future?
CARLOS FREIRE: There are many kinds of jobs that I'd like to do in the future, a lot of big brands also. I'd like do jeans and I would like to do fragrance one day, never did before.
Vision LA
What is your favorite modeling city? Is it NY, Milan or Brazil?
CARLOS FREIRE : I don't have a favorite market yet, all the countries that I've already been to were good and also I haven't been to Europe yet, maybe I will go this year. A lot of places that I want to visit in future, I just started my journey.

Runway Blue Man
What do you think is special about Brazilian models?
CARLOS FREIRE : First because the mixture of races, we have great variety of looks, and second - Brazilian models are usually positive persons, good energy... always happy. I think that contributes to the success.

You have an amazing body and you're in great shape! Do you feel relaxed posing in underwear and swimwear?
CARLOS FREIRE : Yes, I am relaxed, it's normal, when you work with good professionals it is easy and fast, it's the same to any other job.

How do you prepare for these photoshoots?
CARLOS FREIRE: To be prepared I just take care of my body a bit more a couple of days before the shoot.
Rick Day via Made in Brazil
Tell us something about your workout routine. How often do you lift weights?
CARLOS FREIRE : My routine is very simple, I work out every day an hour at the gym with weights, but also I'm frequently doing different sports.

Do you have to maintain definition all year long, or do you have a period when you just work on your muscle mass?
CARLOS FREIRE : No, I don't have different periods. When I was younger, I was an active child, always doing some sport, I did swimming, judo, soccer and living in the beach, so I always had an athletic body, but skinny. Then when I was 15 I started working out to get more muscle mass. So, until now I tried to keep my body always like that, strong and athletic. So it's good for everything, my job, health and to do any sport.

Do you jog, ride the you have a special cardio routine?
CARLOS FREIRE : No, I don't have a special cadio routine, but I love to ride the bike and run. Here in New York I already went to several different places by bike, all bridges and parks, it's really nice.

Carlos for Malvin Mhedrik

How do you spend your summers?
CARLOS FREIRE : Yes, I try spending my summers in my city João Pessoa, with family and friends. My family is huge and we have a summer house in a paradise beach that everybody goes to, uncles, cousins... All the time on the beach I'm diving, playing soccer, boarding.... I always had a lot of fun over there.

What is your favorite beach in Brazil?
CARLOS FREIRE : Many, like I said, the Brazilian coast is amazing. But I love one, I have a lot of history there, called PIPA, 2 hours by car from my city.

Tetu mag

Are you worried about favelas? and are things improving concerning them?
CARLOS FREIRE : Maybe my city doesn't have many favelas, but Rio has a lot and the things are still bad... we have a lot of political corruption in Brazil as well, and with that it is difficult to fix things.

What is your favorite place to go out in Brazil?
CARLOS FREIRE : Many different places. But I am not a great fan of clubs, I prefer to go to some music concert (we have really nice bands and different style of music in Brazil - Reggae, Rock). Hanging out with friends at the beach, go to some trip...

Ph. Michael Roberts
What do you most admire in Brazilian people?
CARLOS FREIRE : The energy.

Who is the most beautiful Brazilian model (female)?
CARLOS FREIRE : We have a lot of beautiful top models, it's hard...we have Isabeli Fontana, Adriana Lima, Giselle, Ana Claudia Michels... they are different beauties, I cannot pick only one

Favorite place to eat?
CARLOS FREIRE : Home! I can cook, so I love my own food, I'm a very creative cook, I'm always preparing exotic plates
What would you say, what is the best Brazilian meal that we all have to try once we are in Brazil?
CARLOS FREIRE : Brazilian Barbecue

Rick Day via Made in Brazil

Friday, July 22, 2011


Education and Work



High School

Played football as a linebacker for Birmingham-Southern College. Photographed here by RICK DAY.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Stefan lives in New York, New York; and is originallyfrom Detroit, Michigan.He attended and wrestled forCentral Michigan University; Catholic Central High School,  Heidelberg.  A star athlete/wrestler at 165 lbs.

      Wrestler: 2x All-State Michigan Wrestling Champ (2006-2007) & (2007-20​08)

  • 2011 NPC Team Universe Men's Physique Contest: Short Class (3rd)
  • 2011 NPC Garden State Physique Contest: Men Physique Open (2nd) 
  • 2011 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States:  Men Physique Open (14th)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Jeffrey Thompson is an 19 year old guy who likes to have fun and hang out with friends. He plans on moving to California once he graduates from high school. He loves going to the gym, especially with his boyfriend Ramon. He’s into sports at school too. Don’t be upset if he doesn’t respond back, he’s not a big talker but he loves all the compliments. Also, he doesn’t do nudes, but he may take some artistic photos, but he will not take any full on nude pics. Not even private ones. 

Visit his Facebook and Myspace pages:

  • Hometown: Denver CO.
  • Occupation: Student
  • Lives in Denver, Colorado
  • In a relationship
  • From Denver, Colorado
  • Born on October 24, 1991

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sadik Hadzovic is 23 years old living in New York, New York. Worked at ShreddedRx, Inc. as a Nutrition Consultant; andstudied at Nassau Community College.Originally from Montenegro (Eastern Europe). Sadik has always been fascinated with muscles and weight training since as far back as he can remember. He has been seriously working out and perfecting his body for 5 years now. I love seeing this physical perfection in photos and documenting his progress. Extremely popular, he has met many great people and made friends through photography and fitness modeling. He has worked with the very best photographers like David Arnot [top pic]; Thomas Synnamon {my all-time favorite} [2nd from top pic]; and his White Hoodie Series by Edwin J'Lebron [bottom pic]. He's known to be very laid back and easy to get along with.... See more of Sadik at his own blog


Alan Valdez, 23, is from Mexico, but he is currently living in Miami, FL; check out his profile at, and on FACEBOOK.   All his life he played sports and was named in several All-State teams in Mexico. He started his modeling career in early 2007; and has won fitness modeling competitions. He got 2nd Place in the Model America Championships (November 2008) and 7th in Model Universe (June 2009).....and just recently in June,  Alan placed 8th at the Musclemania Fitness Universe 2011.  Check out his FACEBOOK page for pictures and videos!

His goal now is to become a Latin Icon in Modeling and being the best Mexican Model ever;  which I think he's already become!


  • Wences Classic 2008 1st place
  • Universe Weekend 2008 top 15
  • Model America Championships 2008 2nd place
  • Exercise for Men (Magazine Cover) April 2009
  • Model Universe 2009 (7th Place)
  • Mr. Miami Beach hot body contest(2nd PLace)
  • Mr Fitness Sonora 2010 (1st Place)
  • 8th at the Musclemania Fitness Universe 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Few male models can create the excitement that Anton does when a new product is introduced.  A popular bartender in New York by night and a supermodel by day; he has created a physique so distinctive and inspiring that he is in a class by himself.  These new DMK Designs were shot ​​in July by the New York photographer Peter D. Brown.  Peter had worked with Anton Antipov in the past, and the muscular Belarus model was an obvious choice for DMK to model its new line.  Beyond his considerable physical prowess and his overpowering natural charm, this hunk of 25 has a very positive attitude on a shoot, he is very open and likes to be involved in the process of artistic creation. The photographer said that during the DMK shoot, Anton had a look at the images and he was particularly pleased, noting how he looked and appeared in each picture.


The sizzling hot model Filip Gustavsson is the very picture of male perfection at a height of 6'2" with a 38" chest,  a 30" waist, blonde hair, and blue eyes....WOW!  He lives in London, United Kingdom and is fromFinspång, Sweden; and he poses and stars inthe sizzling hot N2N Bodywear 2011 campaign.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Hunky Brandon is only 19, but is showing the muscularity of someone much older.  He just graduated from Lecanto High School [Florida] in 2010.  Currently, he is livingin Long Beach, New York.  Heis originally from Crystal River, Florida; and wasborn on May 1, 1992.

Brandon loves modeling and hang gliding; and he's big into bodybuilding, fitness, and one could guess. out for this guy he's going places!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Laurie Baldwin applies make-up to model Chris Campanioni in the Central Pier Arcade on the Atlantic City boardwalk on Friday, March 11, 2011 as they prepare for the Inside Jersey Men's Fashion shoot running in the June edition of the magazine. Photo by Robert Sciarrino.
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