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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Filip Jurka is a bodybuilder with the most perfect athletic body. He drew attention to himself in 2005 at the Czech teenage bodybuilding championship. He didn't compete anymore after that but he worked on his body very hard.  His form stunned everybody in the summer of 2010.  He was better than ever before! If you add to it Filip's amazing sex appeal and his talent to show off  his body in the most amazing and aesthetic poses than you can imagine.  With his beautiful long hair he really is a modern-day "Tarzan". 

He can be seen on the site which is awesome. Filip Jurka has a body with athletic and muscular perfection.  In the summer of  2010 produced a special DVD with Filip named "They call me Tarzan". More than half of it contains new and never before published videos and the rest are clips already published. Check it out!!

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1 comment:

Forrest said...

He's absolutely stunning!! Definitely has toned up with more definition since his Higgins photo shoot. Of course, he was sexy in that too. ;-)

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