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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Dwain Leland is 33 and lives in San Francisco, CA.  He has a full-time career as a legal contract administrator at Stanford, and also does freelance work as a graphic designer in Silicon Valley.  Recent successes and interest from the entertainment industry, however, have turned his eyes toward something greater than modeling [being only a part-time thing for him].  Now, he is expanding his portfolio, and trying to find time to relax amidst photographic assignments and traveling.  It's becoming clear that his future is really bright.

Check out his ModelMayhem site: 
  • Hani's music video titled "Blow" - S&M vampire.
  • JustinMonroe's "Down the Rabbit Hole" - two stories "Welcome to the Doll House" and "Black    Rabbit", with two 2-page spreads
  • ModelLaunch Fitness Finalist -- Fall 2005 
  • Cast in a 2004 episode of "Rescue Me"
  • 2005 Q4 ad campaign for, a subsidiary of Planet Out, Inc.
  • Photographed by published artists Justin Monroe, Mark Jenkins and Thomas Mitchell
  • Modeling for a character in an upcoming full-length animated feature film
  • Working with several fitness modeling agencies

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Lucien said...

His sexuality is pristine and he makes you hunger for him

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