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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Thomas Roberts is working for MSNBC.  He is Hunky, Handsome, Talented & Gay. He used to be a reporter at CNN and at HLN. He came out as a gay man during his interviews with Anderson Cooper's "Sins of the Father" segments on March 12, 2007. [After years of silence, Roberts came forward to testify against Jerome F. Toohey Jr., a former priest who had abused him when he was a student at Calvert Hall College High School. Toohey pled guilty to the sexual-abuse charges and received a five-year jail sentence with all but eighteen months suspended in February 2006.] 

Thomas then moved to CBS to work in Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. He was doing a great job when the fake dirt came out. Kenneth M. Walsh released some alleged pictures of Thomas from a porn site which proved not to be his but which cost him his job at CBS.

Then Thomas disappeared for a period of time and nobody knew where he was. Until now. Today I turned to MSNBC at 3:00 PM and saw him reporting the news; I did a little research and found out that he's been for MSNBC since April 2010. Thankfully, Thomas is back in front of the cameras. I know that's what he wants to do and that he is very good at it.

A report for MSNBC that Thomas did about Ken Mehlman, a Republican closet case, back in August of this year.

Thomas is definitely still in great shape.

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wcharlton_fl said...

I remember Thomas Roberts from his days at CNN/HLN. He rarely smiled. I used to wonder why such a handsome man hardly smiled. Now that he is out it appears he is more open - and he smiles more - a very welcome change. Keep it up Thomas and know that you have many supporters out there.

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