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Thursday, May 19, 2011


"[Almost six months ago] I went through a life changing experience, thankfully with everyone’s prayers and positivity I was able to pull through as much as possible. As the holidays came and are now coming to an end it really took an emotional toll on me, not having a home I can call my own has been very tough. I have been carrying on as normally as I possibly can, running to auditions and acting lessons, doing everything in my will to achieve my personal goals in life and really just follow my dream. No doubt the heavy burden of figuring out where I was sleeping next and living out of a suitcase is always on my mind but I refuse to let it get in the way of what I came out here for. Not having many friends or family in LA, my Thanksgiving was spent giving back to the community, I donated my time feeding the underprivileged, having lost everything and really having nothing, I can relate and it just felt really good to make people smile with even just a meal. As of January 1, I will be moving into my very own apt. I never imagined how difficult it can be to start from the ground up. Hopefully with the new year, new wonderful things will come with it. Not having any furniture or a lot of clothing will make it easy to move in but the emptiness of it will just not feel very home like. I am truly blessed to have some really great people on my side but it’s a lot of work, all the help I can get is greatly appreciated. If anyone can find it in their hearts to make any donations or help in any way possible, it can be life changing for me. Thank you all and God bless,
 To donate to Jed, please click here for his website

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he is a perfect living male doll

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