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Saturday, February 2, 2013



Top male fitness model, William Price is clearly a natural hunk. William is a genuine 'country boy' who was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and grew up in a small town in Central Florida. He loves hunting, fishing, going boating, and just relaxing with his friends when it gets cold around a fire.   An athlete at heart, William has been playing sports, as he has emphasized, "since he could walk".  Clearly passionate on maintaining his great physique, he loves going to the gym and does training in mix martial arts. He also mountain bikes so he can enjoy the outdoors and appreciate its natural beauty.
Like a lot of guys modeling never crossed his mind, especially as a teenager.  He was the kid in high school with acne and low self confidence. However, through sports, he developed his awesome physique and his skin cleared up.  As he continued to develop himself, gaining the body and face that turns heads and captures attention, several of his friends told him to get into modeling. Through social networks MySpace and Facebook, William was contacted by several companies and began talking to NorCalBodz, and after a year decided he wanted to pursue modeling.
In September 2009, he flew to Sacramento, California to meet Gary Gonzales, owner of NorCalBodz Photography and he signed with NCB Model Management.  It wasn't long before William was also modeling for AAG and several underwear companies;  and working with top photographers like Thomas Synnamon; and the rest is modeling history.

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