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Thursday, September 20, 2012


24 year old Steven Dehler grew up in Simi Valley, a small town in southern California. This blond, blue eyed hottie was very athletic while growing up: playing soccer, baseball, and basketball, along with swimming and running. This helps explain his very hot, athletic physique.  Dehler is making a name for himself in the modeling industry and it's no surprise he has become a very popular underwear and swimwear model.  He models for Andrew Christian, Rufskin, Timoteo and others; recently starring in Andrew Christian's famous "Cash Wash" video.  He has appeared frequently in DNA Magazine.  He also dances as a go-go boy at a very popular LA club.

Dehler lives in North Hollywood, CA and has been modeling for about four years.  He is engaged to his longtime boyfriend and appeared with him in a July 2012 photo series MASCULINE DOSAGE by Photographer Dylan Rosser.

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