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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Anton just posted some sexy hot new photos by Pat Lee on his website and he will post more at

Anton just recently returned to bodybuilding competing in the new Men's Physique Category; and won the Men's Overall at the North American Championships

The next show he has picked to compete in is the Houston Pro in Houston, Texas. It will be the last pro physique show of the year so we're assuming it will be pretty crowded. The show is only a few weeks away and Anton has been training for it since winning the North American Championship. The Houston Pro is October 13th!  If you are in the area, come support it, more info is at

Anton has put on an amzing amount of lean muscle recently, and he is getting wider, and growing at an amazing rate considering he is 100% natural.  He has gotten to where he is all on his own and without any help, financial or otherwise. However, as a fan of his for years I hope others will give their moral support to him at his amazing accomplishment!

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