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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Christopher Murdock is a 24 year-old from Verdun, Quebec where

he went to Riverside Park Academy. He now lives in Montreal,
Quebec where he is an assistant manager of a butcher department
at IGA.

He is 6' 1.5″ and weighs 205 lbs. He started working out because

he was very skinny and was picked on a lot in high school. Also,
he likes the feeling of competition, constantly striving to improve
himself and make himself stronger. After working out for 8 years
(but with a large break due to knee surgery), Christopher’s photo
shoot with Paul Henry Serres was his first.

In addition to modeling, he plans to compete in the IDFA because

“that is hands down the organization I am interested in." The IDFA
is the International Drug Free Athletics organization which just
shows Chris' commitment to being drug free.

Christopher says that besides his friends, family, and his new

born daughter, bodybuilding is his biggest passion; however, he
emphasizes that his friends, family, and daughter are his true
source of strength and motivation.

Why is Christopher so special? ...well, in my opinion he has taken

the time to develop every muscle, even muscles that most guys
usually ignore such as his back and legs. His entire body is so
well-developed, his arms and delts are especially huge. His abs
are well-defined as well, and the thickness of his back muscles
complete his superhero physique. By having such complete,
overall development, he sets his physique apart from those
of others.

As you can see in these photos by photographer Paul Henry

Serres, fitness model Christopher Murdock’s physique rivals
that of Superman and not just because of the hot tattoo. As
his fitness modeling career continues, Christopher will defintely
inspire other guys to start working out just like he has.

If you could like to connect with Christopher Murdock, Check

out his FB Page:

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