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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Lucas Garcez was born in 1990 in São Paulo, Brazil; but grew up in Vinhedo (famous for the good quality wines), a small town 1 hour away from São Paulo. He often visits his dad in Santos, where he lives, located on the coast of the São Paulo State.

Since he was a kid he's been into the fashion world. His first job was when he was 6 years old for a Fathers Day ad for Iguatemi Mall São Paulo, ....and his dad is a former model, so he encouraged him to keep modeling. He helped him and taught him so much about modeling. And he always supported his decisions.

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Garcez signed with “21mm Models” in 2010 and made his modeling debut gracing the pages of “RadarX” magazine. The following year, he became the face of “Waterproof” watches.

Garcez has been photographed by talented photographers Anton Jhonsen, Gabriel Henrique, and Wong Sim.

He currently works at Independent Model Management, MODELWERK, and Full Circle.


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Me said...

Great model, fresh and sexy; if you want to take a look, I've uptated my blog with Thierry Pepin!

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