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Monday, June 4, 2012


Josh is #1 - Josh is the King - Long live Josh! He is my favorite guy on this entire site. When I get bigger I want to look just like Josh! (Not that I will.) I have almost no idea who this straight guy is but gawd, can you blame me for giving him his own gallery?? I'm even willing to forgive him getting a tongue stud (or being married). Josh, if you need some website help I'm here for you! He is a 2005 graduate of Winthrop University with a BA in communications. His wife is named Anissa and they have a kitty cat who will never be able to climb out of Josh's reach. He likes basketball (of course), fast cars and car shows. He has vacationed in Spain and Vegas. His Webshots files have not been updated in forever so perhaps this is all we will see of Josh , or so I thought. My spies sent me info that let me get a second gallery of photos of him in 2011. 

Unfortunately because he is anonymous people have stolen his photos and phantom Joshes have been cropping up on the internet. In October 2007 I suddenly got three emails about him in one month!  No, he is not a giant doctor in Chicago. No he is not a huge muscleman in England. He's just Josh, and that's enough for me!

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