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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Kaylan Morgan Falgoust, 21, is a rising star in the modeling industry. He was a very good baseball player in high school in the South; and this athletic background helped him become a top male model. Kaylan already knew about the modeling world from his brother who is also a top male model. His brother, Landon Falgoust, helped Kaylan in his modeling career, encouraging him to sign with his LA-based model agency, CITY Management. And then, after that they both got many jobs and even worked together in many photo sessions.

Kaylan admit that he is not a shy guy, and is very comfortable wearing just about anything in front of the camera. In fact, he said he loves wearing only underwear on the stage. Kaylan and his brother both can thank their parents for great genes, especially Kaylan who is tall and muscular. Many Gay magazines have noticed him and there are lots of sexy photos of him.

Top two pics by Rick Day for N2N bodywear 2012 campaign.

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