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Friday, October 5, 2012


James Dawson Martin [known by many as Jammerjay] is back (and how)! He is one of the top Personal Trainers in LA.  James has over 10 years of personal training experience in the fitness industry, as well as being a nutritionist and a certified sports massage therapist – dealing with rehabilitation of injuries and soft tissue injuries in general.
Originally working out of London, he works as a Personal Trainer in Southern California, such as Los Angeles Personal Trainer, Marina Del Rey Personal Trainer, Santa Monica Personal Trainer, Studio City Personal Trainer, and Westwood Personal Trainer.

James who moved to LA from the UK to share his fitness expertise has developed an awesome training program he calls "Iron Impact Fitness". He was a YouTube Sensation which documented his progress and pics by Bill Comstock taken for Muscular Development's Website in CA are incredible. The reclusive Jamerjay, recovered from a shoulder injury, is alive and well and more muscular than ever. Words just can't describe the beauty of his physique; not since Bob Paris has anyone achieved the symmetry and muscularity at this level.

Check out James' incredible Website:

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