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Sunday, October 7, 2012



Kuch's Weekend Fitness Tip #1

October 6, 2012      
"Importance of Post-Workout Nutrition"   

Kuch's Post Workout Shake:
I say it all the time, nutrition is an integral part of anyone's fitness journey, no matter what their goal is.  If you are going to the gym day in and day out, there is one meal of the day that is hands down the most important. This meal is your post workout meal. Let me explain why.
One common misconception is that muscle growth occurs in the gym. And adding muscle is usually one of our primary goals. People often think that while you are working out that you are actually getting bigger.  This is not the case.  You actually grow outside of the gym when you are resting and feeding your body nutrients.  All you are doing in the gym is breaking/tearing down muscle fibers.  If you do not provide your body with the proper amount of rest and nutrients outside of the gym, you simply will not grow.  This is where your post workout meal comes in handy and is so crucial.  During your workout you not only tear down your muscle fibers, but you also deplete your body of muscle glycogen and other nutrients.  There is a 45 minute window after your workout where it is imperative to deliver the necessary nutrients into your body.  This is a highly anabolic window and this is where your body will utilize everything that is put into it.  In other words, you will get the most bang for your buck! So what goes into this post workout meal? Are there any supplements involved?
Before I get into the ingredients, I just want to make a note that everything in this meal should be in liquid form so it will absorb faster. Remember, you have 45 minutes!
Post workout shake ingredients:
Whey protein: Whey protein is the fastest absorbing protein. This is and ideal post workout nutrient. I like to do two scoops for a total of 50 grams.  
Glutamine:  Fastest absorbing amino acid.  This will help aid in recovering. I do 10 grams post workout.
BCAA's:  Branch chain amino acids are great for muscle recovery and help aid in protein synthesis. I do 10 grams post workout.
Arginine: This amino acid helps dilate blood vessels in your body.  The increased diameter in your blood vessels will help with the absorbtion and delivery of all the important nutrients entering your body.
Banana: Due to the depletion of muscle glycogen from working out, we want a simple sugar that will replenish glycogen stores fast. Glycogen is stored carbohydrates and is locked inside your muscles for use during exercise. These glycogen stores are "local," which means for example, glycogen stored in your legs is for your legs, glycogen in your arms is for your arms, etc. The liver, also stores small amounts of glycogen that keeps blood glucose topped off to ensure your brain receives a steay supply of fuel. The longer or more intense your workout for example, the more glycogen depletion you will experience.  If we don't replenish glycogen stores after a workout, our muscles will break down other muscles to help the repair process. We don't want this! A banana is a great option for replenishing glycogen in the body and offers many nutritional benefits.
You can mix all the ingredients in a blender or a shaker cup and eat the banana separate.  This shake will help ensure that your body gets all the proper nutrients after the workout and will help spark the recovery (restock your muscles) process.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and enjoy my shake even more!

Have a great weekend and see ya next week!

Take care,

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