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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Everyone is taking a closer look at 25 year old Craig Malozzi from Allentown Pennsylvania. This 5’11″ (180lbs) bodybuilder and college graduate is definitely relaxed in front of a camera.  Super smart guy:  his college GPA was 3.8, and his athletic background is amazing: he played basketball and volleyball for his college; and played semi-pro football.  He even placed second in two bodybuilding competitions.

Many of his photos are revealing and leave little to the imagination and sometimes I wonder why he even bothers to remain clothed. The combination of good looks and revealing photos makes him a phenom on the web.

Craig has an amazingly toned and ripped body, with a midsection chest and abs that scream male masculinity.

His underwear work is nothing short of sexy.  Craig has modeled for Michael Anthony Downs, Les Byerley, David Arnot, Troy Phillips, Bart Ruzik, Greg Curcio, Imagen Photography among others ...

Craig has modeled for Mike Downs is one of the amazingly hot models of AAG [AllAmericanGuys] and he definitely not out of place among these stunning models

Currently, Craig lives in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and is in the Army Military Police Corps 82nd ABN DIV.


Bronson said...

Oh no, not another big gay wings tattoo. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Love his tattoo

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