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Friday, March 8, 2013


Phil’s Successes

It’s no easy feat to establish anything new on the web these days, with more blogs springing up every day – it’s a huge challenge to get a following.   But if anyone can, male model, personal trainer, and now, internet sensation Philip Fusco can.

“It’s always been my own goal to be able to have my own website since I startedmodeling, but it’s only now that I’m really able to take the time to sit down andplan things out. I love my fans and they have always been my number oneencouragement in the industry,” says Philip.

His recent graduation from college, with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Finance, has enabled him to dedicate more time in building a website and with a new publicist, he has a team ready to build up his personal brand.  All photographers who have worked with Philip rave about him.  Many, including some of the industry’s best have worked with him in the past five years he has been modeling.  Jon Whitney, who has worked with Philip on several portfolio photos, calls the male model, “a consummate professional.” “He [Philip] is very involved in the shoot, not just posing, he likes to study the pics as we shoot so he can improve on his expression or pose,” according to Jon. Whitney provided the press photos for PhilCity’s launch. In the end, it’s the numerous blogs and the thousands of people who have seen Philip’s photos over the years who will prove the male model a mainstream success as a fitness expert. On the onset, scores of positive feedback have beenreceived by Philip’s move to create his new digital entity and brand. The sensational male model’s tagline has always been “stick around” and with his already legions of loyal followers and fans; and an aggressive marketing campaign, it seems that his name and face will be around for a good, long time.


PhilCity is a fitness and lifestyle blog hosted and written by Philip Fusco, a male model and DJ from New York who has had photo shoots with some of the fashion and fitness industry’s most talented photographers and have been part of numerous underwear campaigns.

He has also notably been on the cover of the May 2009 issue of "Exercise for Men Only". He has recently modeled for Andrew Christian Underwear with huge success. And Philip is in strong contention on DNA'S Blog as Febuary's "Mate-Of-The-Month".

MEDIA CONTACT:Caleb Galaraga | Producer, PHILCITYT: 646-491-0998E:

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TimNance said...

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Awesome photos -- 2 released so far..others to follow..
See Philip Fusco on Facebook or above link..

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