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Monday, March 18, 2013


Lucas Malvacini, originally from Brazil, now lives in Los Angeles.  He is engaged to Vanessa Goncalves. They are expecting twins, Joshua and Camilia' and he has a son named Alex who's 14 months and Callie who is 3 months.

In 2011, Lucas Malvacini won the title Mister Brazil, becoming one of the most eligible men in the country.  Nobody could believe that this sexy guy from Juiz de Fora once suffered from bullying during his adolescence, when his nickname was 'Choquito White'. Things changed when Lucas decided to get a treatment to get rid of his pimples and began to lift heavy in the gym and started his modeling career.

After working in some fashion events in Minas Gerais, Lucas was discovered by scouts and went to Milan, where he tried to be successful as a runway model.  He also worked in Chile, but returned to Brazil, where he won his title and became successful. He was then living with two friends, also models, in Sao Paulo, and worked and trying to study playwriting to raise money and travel the world.

Today, despite being a Mister Brazil, Lucas says he still suffers from prejudice from modeling agencies and has left many tests after being called a "whore" and "go-go boy."  Lucas says that In fashion there is much prejudice against fit guys, but thin is the fashion which they like to see.

With his 6' tall frame and 175 lbs of well-defined muscle, Lucas ended up being popular with us gays, a fact he did not expect, and wants to repay that success with support and affection.

About to sit for a test shoot that illustrates his unique manner, at a hotel in the state capital, Lucas told an interviewer that he has an open mind when it comes to sexual diversity.  He embraces gay causes.  But to leave no doubt, he soon explains: "everyone who knows me knows my orientation is straight.

The gay community has welcomed Lucas in a very big way.  He never imagined he would have the success as great as he is having.  He has an open mind and completely respects the gay universe, just as we respect him.  He even embraces the cause of gay marraige.

It's still hard for me to believe that Lucas was really ugly when he was young. To give you an idea, his nickname was 'Choquito White'.  He had to do an Accutane treatment and only after that did the girls start to notice him. He had no idea that he was beautiful. Not even today, actually he does not think he is handsome but rather just an average looking,  and regular guy.

Lucas has found the difference between fashion and commercial modeling as striking, even for a Mister Brazil.  In his opinion, in fashion there is much prejudice against guys with muscles, but a well-built guy is what we really like to see.  Nobody wants to be the guy in the Skinny fashion magazine. In this sense there is a great contradiction in the fashion universe. Who makes the guys on the runway be so tall and thin, but when does a worldwide commercial trend change.  Several agencies in São Paulo, even after he won Mister Brazil, told him 'no.' And 'no' with arrogance saying that he did not have the profile of a model. "You are not a model, you are a hustler, a go-go boy."

Well, were they ever wrong! and thanks to guys like Lucas who are changing the world of male modeling as we appreciate guys with healthy physiques.

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